Neur One

Neur One - (FR)

Rigorous work, serving a subversive culture Far from origami, artist Neur One creates paper works that sculpt with agility. Immersed in the boom of the Marseille graffiti of the 2000s, Neur One puts the spotlight on the art of paper by mixing it with this subversive culture, which has inspired him since his adolescence.

In the manner of an architect, Neur One cuts, deconstructs the image to make multiple layers that it superimposes, intrigued by the impact that light can have on it. A slight depth can be seen, revealing the multiple sectional plans, offering new perceptions.

The artist‘s intention is anchored in the iconography of graffiti, portraying the notion of vandalism with a certain irony.

His work revolves around the subjectivity of the gaze, blurring the vandalism tracks to restore an aesthetic work.


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