Public Provocations 2022 - Colab Gallery

Public Provocations 2022

On 11 June 2022 the Colab Gallery will be opening its doors for the annual group exhibition „PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS“.

Already in 2021 the serial exhibition „Public Provocations“ smoothed the way back to the Colab gallery after previous restrictions due to the Covid pandemic. The exhibition focused on European artists.

The global art scene emphasizes on cooperation as a dominant feature. More than ever the Colab Gallery wants to underline the aspect of social cohesion and of a positive showdown within the Urban Art Community, which demands and creates a productive exchange, as the meaning of the gallery’s name already suggests. This is how diversity develops from mutual mindsets and becomes the foundation for tolerance, freedom and peaceful co-existence.

Since the first exhibition in 2009 „Public Provocations“ has become a well-reputed group exhibition amongst not only spectators but also amongst participating artists. Acting as a groundbreaking and competent attraction for art happenings around the Art Basel.

This year the exhibition expands its radius across the Atlantic, and at the same time concentrates on contemporary Urban Art as a key subject. The execution of this exhibition is led by the topic of freedom and so new directions are constantly taken and individual possibilities created.

In the middle of June, „Public Provocations“ will get together nine style-defining artists that have been preparing themselves for months, wanting to show their newest pieces of art and at the same time hitting the grounds in Weil am Rhein for four days, creating new art on the gallery’s walls. We are looking forward to experiencing spectacular murals and impressive art on canvas or paper and taking a digital virtual trip in the Colab Gallery.

We are looking forward to presenting to you: Grito (Spain), Krik Kong (Poland), Reser (Italy), Ruin (Austria), Smithe (Mexico), Stohead (Germany), Taxis (Greece), Vermibus (Spain) and Yiors (Spain).

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