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Artist In Residence Swampy

Artist in Residence: SWAMPY

Special exhibition vernissage: 4th. May 2024 / 10H - 21H

Colab Gallery proudly presents its Artist-in-Residence program for a second time. During the month of April in 2024, we had the privilege of collaborating with Swampy from California.

Swampy has long remained a mysterious figure, captivating audiences with his photographs and videos documenting his travels across North America by freight train as well as the drawings he makes along the way. His work evokes nostalgia for a bygone era or maybe for one that’s never existed and offers a glimpse into a contemporary, itinerant American lifestyle that borders on folklore.

Throughout his career, Swampy has crafted a dreamlike portrayal of life. With a focus on living playfully and creatively his work often evokes a sense of lawless joy and a desire to explore. Deep within the American psyche lies a fascination with the open road, endless highways, and sprawling train tracks that traverse the nation. Swampy has embraced this aspect of his culture and spent much of his life traversing the railways of North America and reshaping the perception of nomadic existence.

During his residency at Colab Gallery, Swampy brought along his passion for riding the rails and hopped a freight train from Switzerland to Italy, trading the Californian desert for the sprawling wildflowers of the Alps.

With his installation "Swampy Was Here" the artist invites us to join him on his latest adventures, offering a glimpse into his perspectives on skipping town as well as staying put and growing roots.

Swampy’s contribution will be featured in the upcoming group exhibition

"Patience: Escape from the Hectic Pace



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