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Colab Gallery proudly presents its Artist-in-Residence program for a second time. During the month of April in 2024, we had the privilege of collaborating with Swampy from California.

Vernissage Sat. 4th. May, 7-9pm If you are unable to come that day, you are welcome to drop by during our opening hours this week and see how the artworks are created.

Swampy’s contribution will be featured in the upcoming group exhibition "Patience: Escape from the Hectic Pace of Modern Life" to give our visitors a glimpse for our upcoming program. Please note: The Gallery will be closed from May 6th to June 8th for preparations for our upcoming exhibition.

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Daniel Kuenzler

We are excited to announce Daniel Künzler as the new curator for Colab Gallery

Daniel Künzler has been selected as the new curator of Colab Gallery. 38-year old Austrian Daniel Künzler already proved his talent by putting together a vibrant group exhibition with “Corners Of(f) Society“ in 2019 and has successfully lead events, talks, video screenings and book presentations at the Gallery for nearly 13 years.

Due to his extensive network of connections within the art world, spanning artists and art enthusiasts, this network, which he has cultivated over the years, greatly enhances his ability to curate exhibitions effectively and thoughtfully. His involvement in the graffiti and broader art community has provided him with unique insights and a deep understanding of artistic trends and movements, making him a valuable curator who can assemble exhibitions that resonate with both artists and art lovers.

Daniel Künzler: “I take great pride in following in Stefan Winterle's footsteps and I am grateful for the opportunity to carry forward what he has diligently constructed through years of passionate exhibition curation. Traveling the world since a long time, continuously exploring and building up a strong network whilst being involved in many projects at the Gallery; my vision for Colab is to bring a more dynamic approach to art curation, building on these kind of projects, where i can connect people and art together, as I believe this is how great concepts can come into fruition."

Winterle quote

After 14 successful years: Stefan Winterle says goodbye to Colab Gallery   

Stefan Winterle says goodbye after 14 years as curator of the Colab Gallery in Weil am Rhein. During this time he curated 25 exhibitions with over 250 artists from Europe, the USA and Latin America.  

"I am grateful to have had the opportunity to inspire a growing audience for graffiti and street art culture." In 2010, Stefan Winterle took over the artistic direction of the gallery, founded in 2006, from his mentor and friend Sigi von Koeding a.k.a. Dare, who died at an early age. Stefan Winterle consistently developed his concept of presenting graffiti culture in exhibitions. Discovering talents and inviting them to the Colab Gallery was an essential element of success. Another element was the goal of making the Colab Gallery a sought-after address internationally. More than 250 artists stand for this success, some of whom have graced the walls of the Colab Gallery several times. 

"The quality of the works was more important to me than names," says Stefan Winterle, who consistently followed his credo. Thus, Colab Gallery can claim to be setting the tone in European competition. "We are a gallery and not a museum," as a graduate in business administration, Stefan Winterle also had to consider the economic side of the gallery.

For him, this meant building up a professional team. That is why Colab Gallery today can also be called an art house.

The management and the colleagues of Colab Gallery thank Stefan Winterle for his commitment. His successor has already been appointed. A separate announcement will be made shortly. 

And why is Stefan Winterle leaving the gallery? "Fourteen years in a young art direction is a long time. Many projects are waiting in my studio, which I could otherwise only realize between exhibitions. These works are now my full devotion." I look forward to that.

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